Leave for Sydney — Countdown 8 days

We are leaving for Sydney in eight days.
Everyone is actively preparing for the match.
Peng is welding circuit boards on.

Once, countless ZJUNlicters welded circuit boards on this table.
Generations of ZJUNlicter have been here. They twist the screws one by one. They start to build the robot from screws and put the hat on it at the end. If the circuit board is the skeleton of the car and the wire is the blood vessel of the car, then the time and effort they pour into is the soul of the robot.
Still on this table, there will also be countless ZJUNlicters welding circuit boards in the future.






Robots will be constantly updated. But the time and effort will be remembered and honored. It is these efforts that make ZJUNlict become a team with flesh and soul.

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